Client Objectives

The client, a traditional merchant bank located in the Caribbean, wanted to launch a new greenfield digital bank directing its new offering to retail customers with innovative digital products. To deliver on its ambitions, the bank approached Fincog to design the operating model and assist in its implementation along with the definition of necessary business support functions.


Fincog’s work was articulated in 3 phases starting from the assessment of the current situation to the design and detailing of the target organization and implementation support. The first phase entailed discovery work to review the initial status and perform a gap analysis against an initial high-over definition of the target operating model, which set the foundations to plan for the following phases.

In the second phase, we further detailed the operating model focusing on the organization, people, processes and technology to provide a full blueprint of the digital bank and develop the business case and implementation plan in alignment with the existing strategic vision and objectives. During the third phase, we provided implementation support to the program management, development and launch of the digital bank as well as further assistance in building out the organization.


Our work resulted in the full design of the new digital bank for the client across the domains of people, processes and technology with great level of detail enabling the definition of a clear roadmap for the implementation, which allowed the bank to plan and execute on its initiative. Our support in the implementation phase then contributed to the successful achievement of corporate objectives.

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