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About the report

Fincog is pleased to present its newest report “Banking for Tomorrow”. The report outlines recent trends and dynamics across the financial sector, discussing how banking needs to transform in the coming years. It highlights structural trends (digitalization, financial innovation, evolving customer needs) along with economic macro-economic events  (COVID, inflation, climate change) and what impacts these will have on the industry.

Key insights

Amidst the market developments, customer needs will dictate the future of banks. This requires financial institutions to keep up with innovation and changing operational models in today’s technology-driven environment. Banks will need to differentiate by building digital capabilities that deliver connectivity, real time enablement, robustness of system, and scalability, with an open infrastructure to support.

This report culminates with seven critical components for building banks for tomorrow. Banks need to become more customer-centric and move away from product siloes. They must focus on developing customer journey-led operating models. They must adopt the latest core banking tech so they can deliver tailored services anywhere and at any time. Banks need to be better enabled to serve their clients and effectively meet their needs.


The report compiles in-depth Fincog research of economic trends, analyses market impact and discusses fintech innovation use cases, exemplifying what ‘good’ financial services will look like in the future. In addition, over a dozen interviews were conducted, as part of Fincog’s first podcast series, gathering invaluable insights and opinions from bank executives and industry experts, helping shape our Banking for Tomorrow report.

About Fincog

The Fintech Consultancy Group (Fincog) was established in 2017 to help clients stay ahead of the curve and create better, more cost efficient and inclusive financial services. Fincog supports clients to define their strategy, optimize operations and guide implementation so that clients can capitalize on financial innovation. Our team offers a global network of senior industry experts covering all key challenges for leaders in the financial services industry. Discover how Fincog is shaping the future, visit

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