As many seek to capitalize upon the promises of fintech, the Fintech Consultancy Group (Fincog) assists challengers and incumbents in shaping their future using market research, strategy consulting, and guided implementation.

With expertise in both established financial services and fintech, we bring a fresh and impact-driven approach to creating the most relevant and sustainable solutions tailored to our clients across the globe.

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Our services

Market Research We help you obtain a market overview, provide insights into the latest trends and assist in identifying commercial opportunities.
Strategy Consulting We develop a strategy tailored to your needs and define actions based on unique insights.
Implementation We implement your strategy and launch your propositions right up to and including the moment of client activation.

Our mission

Fincog is driven to better people’s live by improving the quality, cost, and access to financial services. We believe that neo banks are best poised to make this happen. Fincog strives to shape the future of banking by spreading fintech's potential and ensuring sustainable, profitable business models.

We work to truly understand what matters most to our client when shaping solutions that will stand the test of time. Building long-term relationships is important to us, so we focus on the people behind the project. And just as we invest in our clients, we invest in ourselves by continuously advancing our expertise in fintech and neo banking.

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Our latest blog articles

Applying for a financial services license

Applying for a financial license marks a significant time and monetary investment with a certain risk factor not to be successful. However, by being well prepared and following a structured and targeted process, you can drastically improve the chances and efficiency of a successful license application independent of which type of banking or fintech license you are applying for. In today's blog, we therefore present 5 essential steps and key success factors to take in mind when applying for a financial serviceslicense. Read more

How to choose the right regulatory regime for your bank

Financial services are heavily regulated and before being able to provide such, one typically needs a regulatory license in some form. Licenses differ in their scope of permitted activities and requirements on the organization. Additionally, regulatory frameworks also vary across jurisdictions and types of financial services provided. This blog post aims to provide an overview of existing licensing regimes across the world and help new digital banks in making the right choices. Read more

Digital Banking in Latin America

The Latin American region is currently undergoing one of the largest digital transformations in the world. It continues to stabilise a high level of digital adoption, while also ensuring financial inclusion to the unbanked population. This report investigates the current digital banking landscape of the region, summarizes propositions and strategies of various selected players and provides a list of carefully assessed action points and imperatives to enter the market and establish your digital bank. Read more