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The Fintech Consultancy Group (Fincog) supports clients to become digital banking leaders by capitalizing upon new technology and optimizing operating models that propel the customer experience forward.

With expertise in both established financial services and fintech, we bring a fresh approach to banking across the globe. We support you end-to-end, covering everything from strategy onto design of operations and implementation.

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Our services

Strategy We develop your strategic vision tailored to your needs by building upon our extensive industry expertise.
Operational Excellence We design and optimize your operations across processes, technology and organizational model that enable your vision.
Implementation We deliver your strategic vision by building out your organization and launching your proposition, while maintaining project oversight.

Our mission

Fincog is driven to better people’s lives by improving the quality, cost, and access to financial services. We believe that financial innovation fosters better customer solutions. We strive to shape the future of banking by our objective, expert-driven approach that supports our clients to continuously evolve.

We work to truly understand what matters most to our client when shaping solutions that will stand the test of time. Building long-term relationships is important to us, so we focus on the people behind the project. And just as we invest in our clients, we invest in ourselves by continuously advancing our expertise in digital banking.

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Our latest blog articles

The Digital Banking Opportunity in Africa

With the on average youngest population in the world and a rising mobile economy, Africa is becoming an attractive market for new entrants aiming to offers digital banking services to the largely underbanked population. In this blog based on our collaborative research together with BPC, we are looking into the market environment of Sub-Saharan Africa and the state of digital banks within the region. Read more

Organizational Design (Incumbent vs Challenger Bank)

Based on our longstanding experience within banking and supporting clients in establishing new organizations, this blog post aims to help you to align your organization to deliver a superior end-to-end customer experience by discussing the key differences in the organizational design of a traditional incumbent bank compared to a modern challenger. Read more

How to design the operating model of a digital bank

Operating models are an integral part of every bank’s business and if not properly designed, a bank can suffer critical consequences such as high operational cost, increased time-to-market cycles, elevated compliance risk and slowed decision making. In this blog article, we want to help you better understand how to avoid these pitfalls and show what it takes to design a comprehensive and successful operating model. Read more