Over the last decade we have witnessed the global rise of fintech across many segments. As the market matures and becomes more competitive, it’s increasingly important to distinguish yourself and establish a sustainable business model. Both the market and segment you are active in are crucial drivers for potential success.

We help our clients build neo banks, and then make them profitable. Fincog combines strategy consulting with implementation support to ensure you build the right solutions and build them in the right way.

Market Research
Strategy Consulting
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Over the past 10 years fintech has gone from niche to more mainstream, and this growth has translated into lots of competition. Understanding what a market looks like and its dynamics is critical to a business’s success. At Fincog, we can equip you with this critical research and tailor it to your needs and goals.

Fincog helps our clients comprehend the market landscape, analyze key trends that will shape the future market, and identify unique opportunities for growth. This may include competitive benchmarking, profiling of challengers, comparing successful propositions and key features, or thematic research on open banking topics.

Approach & Deliverables

Our research utilizes a proprietary database of over 250 neo banks. Information contained in this Fincog database includes overviews of banks’ profiles, their propositions, size, geographical presence and financials. In addition, we make use of the Fincog Challenger Bank Index—a unique index that tracks the search-frequency of 100 of the world’s largest neo banks.

Desk research, expert interviews and benchmarking comprise the bulk of our research, and we have an extensive network of senior industry experts at our disposal to assist with developing market reports, white papers, Excel models, management workshops and presentations. All research is first mapped out then approached in a structured manner that is tailored to the client’s objectives.

Example Projects

  • Neo Bank Benchmarking
    A large international banking group wanted to build a mobile-only digital bank that targeted Asian millennials. The virtual bank sought help from Fincog in obtaining an overview of possible features, and to determine which solutions to put on its roadmap. Read more
  • Consumer Finance Market Scan
    An independent digital bank active in consumer finance across multiple Eastern-European countries was exploring opportunities to expand internationally. The client sought Fincog’s assistance in developing their growth strategy, by using our overview of the European Consumer Finance markets. Read more
Strategy consultants

Over the past years the industry has witnessed the robust growth of challenger banks across the globe. Offering great user experience, neo and virtual banks have managed to quickly capture their position in the market. Given this boom, it’s become increasingly difficult to differentiate oneself and to establish a sustainable business model.

Fincog believes the market and segment you are active in is one of the most important factors in determining your potential for future success. So we help you select the right market and segment, and then build custom propositions for your targeted clientele.

This results in a strategic profile with your unique positioning, and also the design of specific propositions with key features and operating models. Once a solid foundation is established, we develop a growth strategy that accounts for your product and market strategies, customer activation strategy and pricing strategy.

Approach & Deliverables

When developing your strategy, first we sit together and review the mission and objectives of your new venture. We approach every strategy consulting project in a structured manner, by establishing our clients’ needs, learning about their challenges, discovering what drives their businesses and understanding what outcomes they wish to achieve.

Fincog’s strategy consulting helps our clients develop unique propositions based on real insights and assists them in scaling to achieve profitability. This type of consulting usually results in a complete design of the business, key propositions, a high-over operating model and/or product prototype development and mock-ups.

Example Projects

  • Online Lending Proposition for SMEs
    A Western European retail bank wanted to re-evaluate their potential role in the underserved SME finance market. The bank enlisted Fincog’s strategy consulting services to choose the best approach for re-entering this market, and for more effectively serving their existing SME clients. Read more
  • Business Proposition for A Neo Bank
    A universal bank wanted to establish a mobile-only, stand-alone challenger bank. The client enlisted Fincog to further develop their neo bank, including developing its proposition, operating model and business case. Read more
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While many new ventures focus on specific features and variations in customer experience, we believe the market and segment you position yourself in determines your potential for success. From there, our implementation support seamlessly takes you from strategic vision to building your venture.

By combining strategy with implementation, Fincog designs what is feasible and builds what is envisioned. We help our clients transform their business and launch new ventures, up until product launch. This includes, amongst others, preparing for implementation, project management and customer activation support.

Approach & Deliverables

Building a new bank can be both exciting and challenging, and you’re likely to need help along the way. Our implementation services help our clients assemble the right solution and execute it properly. Depending upon client needs and the envisioned end-state, we can deliver end-to-end implementation in-house and with a vendor.

First Fincog prepares for implementation (think workplans and operating model), then we manage the implementation (think project management and alignment with stakeholders). Our role throughout the process will be to safeguard your strategic vision while being pragmatic in solving challenges that arise.

Example Projects

  • Constructing a Mobile-Centric Retail Bank
    An international corporate bank providing loans in select segments across Eastern Europe wanted to modernize. The bank sought Fincog’s support in creating a digital, future-proofed retail bank that was better able to attract new deposits. Read more
  • Project Management for Neo Bank Implementation
    A newly established Middle Eastern neo bank wanted to create a digital bank. In the midst of applying for a banking license and building the team, the bank realized this was more complex than they envisioned. They enlisted Fincog’s help to manage the process from A to Z. Read more

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