A variety of digital-only banks have emerged over the last decade. These new entities, also referred to as neo banks or challenger banks, offer modern banking propositions tailored to the smartphone and digital world. They were founded in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis with the vision of making banking services more accessible and equitable. These digital banks are setting the benchmark for the future banking market.

There are already more than 400 digital banks worldwide and they are growing rapidly in both number and size. Nevertheless, there are still many opportunities in specific service areas and geographic markets.

This report investigates the digital banking market of Latin American and includes observations of developments during the past couple of years as well as insights on the current economic landscape. Subsequently, it summarizes propositions and strategies of various selected players across the region to give a comprehensive overview of the current competition and what makes them successful. Lastly, we provide a list of carefully assessed action points and imperatives when trying to enter and establish a digital bank in the current market landscape.

The report is informed by various interviews with experts on the Latin American banking market and draws both on existing research and analysis performed by BPC and Fincog to provide the highest quality of information for our clients.

At the end of the document, you will have a complete overview of the Latin American neo banking market as well as an excellent understanding of the current competitive landscape. Together with our actionable advice on a potential market entry, we are confident that you will be perfectly positioned for building a successful business venture in Latin America.

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