Client Objectives

A large international banking group wanted to build a mobile-only digital bank that targeted millennials in Asia. The company offered payment accounts together with advanced money management features, but wanted to explore new products and features that would expand their portfolio in both existing and international markets. The virtual bank sought help from Fincog in obtaining an overview of possible features, and to determine which solutions to put on its roadmap.


First we identified 20 neo banks from across the globe for assessment. This selection was based on a combination of regions, type of players, products, segments and propositions relevant to the client. For each chosen player, we created an in-depth company profile that described their activities, propositions and key features, traction (i.e., number of customers), key financials and recent developments.

The company profiles were benchmarked, which later allowed for a structured comparison of the selected neo banks across key metrics. These comparisons were accompanied by a summary of our findings along with globally-sourced insights and best practices, which included an overview of successful consumer finance propositions and money management features relevant to their customer base and markets.


This benchmarking research provided the client with unique insights for shaping their strategy, propositions and key success factors. Based on our assessment of international best practices, the client was able to enhance its growth strategy and deliver its customers first-in-market features.

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