Client Objectives

An independent digital bank providing short-term personal loans, credit cards, car financing and deposits across multiple Eastern-European countries was exploring opportunities to expand into new consumer finance markets and segments. The client sought Fincog’s assistance in developing their growth strategy, especially when selecting which of 20 possible European markets to enter, by using an overview of the European Consumer Finance markets.


First we aligned on the overall goals and main criteria for market entry, namely to tap into high-interest, fast-growing markets with limited barriers to entry. Then, for each country we created a market overview that provided key data related to market sizing, growth, segmentation, regulatory requirements and interest rate caps. To ensure consistency and comparability, we created a standardized data set, where each market was assessed with the same parameters.

Based on our initial assessment, we shortlisted 10 countries for further in-depth analysis that included profiles of key players and interest rates. Relying upon our market analysis, company profile analyses and key criteria, we advised the client on which markets to enter and how best to position their company that resulted in a growth strategy and roadmap for market entry in several new European markets.


This enabled the client to grow internationally and strengthen their overall position. The client is on target to achieve its goal to profitably double its loan volume by the end of 2020. They are also working on expanding their product portfolio and segments.

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