Client Objectives

A universal bank wanted to establish a mobile-only, stand-alone challenger bank. They stipulated it would operate under the greenfield approach, meaning this endeavor would not be constrained by the bank’s previous operating model. The client enlisted Fincog to further develop their neo bank, including developing its proposition, operating model and business case.


We began by placing the customer’s needs first, and from there, built a strategic profile. Fincog equipped the client with detailed descriptions of the business model, the propositions, product features and more, all backed by financial analyses. We also developed a completely new operating model to enable a seamless customer journey that largely relied upon simplified, automated processes.

In the business model we estimated the revenue potential based on the market size, market share and churn rates. To ensure the viability of the business model, we built a detailed financial model that took into account the potential income, operating costs and one-off investments. Once built, the financial model was then used to determine the products the challenger should offer, their pricing, and how to further operationalize the roadmap.


The universal bank received a detailed business proposition for a mobile-only neo bank that met both its strategic and financial goals. This enabled the client to successfully position themselves in the market in a unique and profitable manner.

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