Client Objectives

A large Western European financial institution offering banking and insurance services wanted to develop a mobile payments strategy which closely aligned with its core values and principles. In consideration of the growing size of the mobile payments opportunity, the client wanted to include in its digital transformation program the option to capitalize on new technology to enter this space.


Our work centered around gathering a thorough understanding of both the internal organization of the client and a comprehensive view of the market, customers, and industry best practices to develop a list of potential strategic options and a roadmap. The scope of work focused on selected markets to perform an extensive benchmarking exercise to summarize an overview of markets and solutions. Based on this knowledge, an initial long list of options was developed and then evaluated with workshops and focus groups to review product-market fit and collect feedback from customer assessment

For the short-listed mobile payment solutions, including both in-store and P2P payments, we then made a detailed design of the propositions, the use-cases and how they work, required components and operational set-up. Ultimately this resulted in a detailed strategic roadmap and implementation of the mobile payment solutions.


Through the work performed during the engagement, the client was able to gain an overview of key markets and establish a solid understanding of possible solutions to develop its mobile payments strategy. For the short-listed options we developed a detailed overview of the use cases, customer journeys, required technical components, costing and set-up for implementation. This was concluded in a detailed strategic roadmap and implementation of the mobile payment solutions.

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