Client Objectives

An international corporate bank providing loans in select segments across Eastern Europe wanted to modernize. Due to recent, but persistent outflows, they wanted to explore options for revamping their online retail bank. The bank sought Fincog’s support in creating a digital, future-proofed retail bank that was better able to attract new deposits.


First we formed a strategic profile, which described the digital bank’s target customers, products, branding, and unique positioning, along with the design of propositions and key features. From there, it was decided that the future bank would operate as the savings partner for mass, affluent clients with robot-advisory across all (even third-party) accounts.

Next we developed a target operating model for the future bank that detailed the customer experience, key capabilities, human resources, processes and IT systems. This meant we completely redesigned the customer onboarding process, how one connects to third-party accounts and how one makes transactions in a newly devised IT landscape that’s seamlessly connected with APIs.

Fincog further supported the client with implementation by assessing the gap between existing functionalities and required capabilities. Working alongside the client, we selected an IT vendor and then oversaw the entire implementation the modern front-end as well as the PSD2 gateway.


The client gained a revamped, future-proofed strategy with specific propositions and a plan for growing their retail bank. With Fincog’s help, this strategy was used to create a new mobile-centric retail bank to replace their existing, outdated platform. The bank has grown its deposits and is launching other products, like investments and pensions, as a result.

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