Over the last decade the financial services industry has been disrupted by new technology and fintech startups. As the market continues to evolve, is ever more competitive and consumers have higher expectations, it is increasingly important to innovate and optimize your offering.

We help our clients to define their strategy, design their operating models and guide implementation, so they can stay ahead of the curve. Building upon our expertise and providing an integrated approach that combines strategy with implementation, we help you deliver your vision.

Operational Excellence
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Financial services has changed and will change even more. As the market becomes more competitive, banks face the challenge to innovate and differentiate from the herd, in order to maintain their market position and take on new opportunities. Fincog supports you in identifying commercial opportunities and defining your strategy, using our market experience and tailoring to your objectives and needs.

Whether it’s reviewing your markets and product portfolio, defining strategies in open banking or BAAS, or developing your mobile payment or lending proposition, we can equip you with critical insights to help you develop a sustainable strategy. And in combination with our Operational Excellence and Implementation services, we help you to deliver your vision.

Approach & Deliverables

We approach every strategy consulting project in a structured and tailored manner, by establishing our clients’ needs, learning about their challenges, discovering what drives their businesses and understanding what outcomes they wish to achieve. Our work usually results in market insights and identification of commercial opportunities, together with a complete strategic vision that includes your proposition, target markets and competitive positioning, amongst others.

We support in developing unique, sustainable propositions based on in-depth market insights. And by leveraging our implementation services, we help to deliver the strategic vision. Thereby we enable our clients to continuously evolve and stand the test of time.

Example Projects

  • Online Lending Proposition for SMEs
    A Western European retail bank wanted to re-evaluate their potential role in the underserved SME finance market. The bank enlisted Fincog’s strategy consulting services to choose the best approach for re-entering this market, and for more effectively serving their existing SME clients. Read more
  • Open Banking Strategy & Proposition Design
    A Western European incumbent bank wanted to expand its proposition to retail clients beyond its current core business and create a living ecosystem. Fincog provided support with market analysis then defined an objective driven strategy working in parallel on developing the necessary methodology and tooling for future strategy definition programs. Read more
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With the rise of new technology and fintech start-ups, the market has changed and the value-chain has been unbundled. To keep up with new innovation, deliver great customer experience and operate in a cost-efficient manner requires a significant new approach to the operations.

Whether transforming an existing organization or building a greenfield venture, Fincog designs your full operating model across processes, technology and organization. Our recent work ranges wide, from IT architectural design, managing vendor selection, re-designing credit issuing processes, and assessing HR capabilities, amongst other capabilities.

Building upon our experience, we provide you with the best practices from across the globe. And by combining with our Strategy and Implementation service, we ensure that you can deliver on promise.

Approach & Deliverables

We approach our engagements in a structured and tailored manner, building upon your strategic vision and available artefacts, based on which we define key design principles, required capabilities and ultimately your operating model taxonomy. Fincog maintains a base model that includes all the bank’s capabilities from front to back. Our model is aligned with the BIAN service landscape on service domains, and the TOGAF standard for design of enterprise architecture.

Within the parameters of the project, our Operational Excellence services usually result in a detailed blueprint of a bank’s operations, including detailed procedures & process flows, roles & responsibilities, organizational structure and technology stack. In addition, we typically provide you with an implementation plan for delivery. This allows you to deliver your strategic vision and optimize your organization.

Example Projects

  • Digital Bank Operating Model Design
    A Caribbean incumbent wanted to launch a new greenfield bank with innovative digital products. Fincog was tasked to design the operating model and assist implementation, by helping to define necessary business support functions. We supported in assessing the current situation, designing the target operating model, and preparing implementation. Read more
  • Mobile Payments Strategy & Proposition Design
    A large Western European financial institution wanted to capitalize on the opportunity of the growing mobile payments market. Our work provided the client with a detailed strategic roadmap, proposition design and plan for implementation of the mobile payment solutions. Read more
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Building a new bank and delivering upon your vision can be both exciting and challenging, so you’re likely to need help along the way. Our implementation services help our clients to assemble the whole organization and execute it properly. Depending upon client needs and situation, we help maintain project oversight to streamline all implementation activities, as well as help deliver each of the required components.

Building upon our experience of building and running financial institutions, we provide you with the best practices from across the globe. And by combining with our Strategy and Operational services, we ensure that you can deliver on promise.

Approach & Deliverables

We help our clients transform their existing business and launch new ventures, up until market launch. This includes, amongst others, preparing for implementation, maintaining central project management, full delivery and design of solutions and corporate training to embed the way of working into the organization.

Our role throughout the process will be to safeguard your strategic vision while being pragmatic in solving challenges that arise. In addition, we maintain project oversight to ensure that all initiatives stay aligned and according to plan, while taking both a business- and managerial lens. This allows you to stay on track and deliver your vision.

Example Projects

  • Constructing a Mobile-Centric Retail Bank
    An international corporate bank providing loans in select segments across Eastern Europe wanted to modernize. The bank sought Fincog’s support in creating a digital, future-proofed retail bank that was better able to attract new deposits. Read more
  • Project Management for Neo Bank Implementation
    A newly established Middle Eastern neo bank wanted to create a digital bank. In the midst of applying for a banking license and building the team, the bank realized this was more complex than they envisioned. They enlisted Fincog’s help to manage the process from A to Z. Read more

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